Welcome to Draekko RAND, and thank you for stopping by my little corner of the digital world. It’s been a long painful ride to get here and i hope you enjoy my ramblings as well as the products available. Here’s hoping I can help you in some way and provide tools to fix your technology woes.

My initial project is a tool to control your DNS settings and offer additional features not provided by your Android device. Overcoming financial hardships and health issues this has been over two years in the making. To get to this point i had to start with learning to code java for the Android platform and getting the hardware tools to move ahead. I can thank a small handful of folks and my family for the support through these hard times, especially after the thyroidectomy early this summer.

For now things a more moving in a positive direction, the body and mind are slowly healing. With your helpful donations and the purchase of my creations i can continue the process of healing myself, and to create new tools for the world to enjoy.

Wishing y’all a good one, stay safe, stay healthy.



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