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I get a message saying i should buy the app, it’s already bought?

Usually caused by not having internet access or not having a profile associated with Google play services.


I would like to import preset template clauses file how can i do that?

Use the following file as a template.


Supporated tags for text highlighting are for bold, for underline, for italic, for strike through. Note to not set any tags in the title section of the xml as they will not be included on import and may cause the title to get truncated.

Prior to importing make sure that the filename starts with clasues and ends with .xml so the importer can find it. Once that is done copy the file to the rxrelease folder (/sdcard/rxrelease on single sd card phone or devices) into its temp directory.

Then in Rx Release go to ‘settings’ then to ‘manage clauses templates’. In that menu tap the more menu in the actionbar and then tap on the import menu option. A dialog will show up allowing to select the clause file.


I forgot my database password can you help me get it back?

For maximum security the database uses a one way hash of the password and cannot be recovered.


Retry error message or No connection, with the Play store?

  • Clear the cache on your Android device – To fight the No Connection – Retry error message on Google Play Store app on your Android devices try to clear the Play Store cache since this could be a reason of this error of repeatedly getting this network error message. To do this, go to Settings > App, scroll down to All apps and finally to Google Play store app. Open the app details and tap the Force stop button to reach to the cache clearing button namely Clear Cache. Voila! That’s all what you needed to do to clear out the app cache. Restart your app and you might have just got rid of the No Connection – Retry error message on the Google Play Store app.

  • Check date & time settings : In case clearing the cache did not work out for you, there can a minor glitch in your date and time settings causing the No Connection – Retry error message on Google Play Store app of your android devices. Check the time and date since a plenty of users were facing this network error message because of incorrect time settings.

  • Make sure to use the profile you purchased the app with : Another solution is to check your Google account profile. Did you change it and forget to re-enter in on your Android device? Do you have several profiles? The Play services requires you to use the profile you signed up with when purchasing the app to validate licensing on the device.

  • Make sure to enter the correct Google & Gmail password : Another solution is to check your Google or Gmail account password. Did you change it and forget to re-enter in on your Android device? Whenever you change your password your Android device gets a notification to re-enter it. As soon as you correctly enter your new password, your Android phone or tablet would be able to get all the Google services back on the device.

  • Still getting the No Connection – Retry error message on Google Play Store app, Time for a factory reset : Of course this is the very last option to go for but you would have to do it if your Google Play Store app simply refuses to connect. Before resetting your Android device never forget to back up your data since factory reset would wipe all the data out. Spread the goodness if any of the above solutions helped you to fix your Google Play Store app.

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