CK47 Pro

CK47 Pro is a video recording app supporting 4K video and pro features as well as many more to get the most out of your Android Camera.


Features in this version (for supporting devices) :


  • Record in 720p/1080/2K/UHD/4K and other video resolutions.
  • Allows importing custom video profiles.
  • Includes various video profiles (eg. flat,log,square root,linear,srgb,etc…).
  • Save video to external otg devices or addon sd-cards.Manual Exposure, zoom, and focus controls.
  • Hardware Video Bitrates 1Mbps to 200Mbps.
  • Hardware Video Noise reduction.
  • Hardware Edge contrast support.
  • White balance control.
  • Various grid overlays.
  • Various aspect marks overlays.
  • Device level display.
  • Audio monitor bar (two styles, LED bar or full bar).Listen to Audio monitor via headphones.
  • Separate HW optical and EIS video stabilization options.
  • Video frame rates starting at 24fps and up.
  • AB Shutter 3 remote trigger support.
  • Right and Left handed button controls.
  • Supports geo tagging video with gps coordinates.
  • Supports timer recording start times up to 30 seconds.
  • Software filters (log/slog/slog2/dynamic/flat/rec709, b&w/cobalt/gold/sepia, sharpness, blur, denoise).
  • Experimental features include 2 axis software stabilizer, chroma aberration SW filter, SW focus peak.


Get the full unlocked version at the Google Play store.


Try the demo version available on the Google Play store.



  • Supports Camera2 Limited API or better devices.
  • Will work in a limited capacity with legacy hardware devices.
  • The software filters require a powerful GPU to function, this may not work properly on all devices.
  • Supported recorder video resolutions are device dependent.
  • Some devices report support for resolutions but fail to record due to issues with HW media codec/muxer.
  • Some options are device dependent and will be disabled when unavailable.
  • Some devices won’t support all available Camera2 API options or misreport support.
  • Some devices won’t support all encoder options.
  • Some devices treat encoder video framerates as suggestions.
  • Most devices use variable framerates when encoding.
  • On some devices when setting location permission to never allow will cause you to subsequently always manually enable it in settings -> app -> CK47 Pro -> permission.
  • The whole encoder subsystem is independent from the application and is implemented by the device manufacturer.
  • Remote shutter uses volume key ids as trigger keys so using the volume will trigger recording.
  • To enable remote shutter usage enable “Record with Volume Keys” option.
  • To access SW EIS Controls long press the SF button when SW EIS control is enabled.
  • Due to variances in Android hardware and sensors usage of SW EIS needs to be set up for each device using the EIS controls panel.
  • The app doesn’t contain any tracking, ads, or analytics software.
  • App support available only in English.


Get the app now by visiting the Google Play app store.



Download the user manual from the following link:




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